Und irgendwo ich – English Blurb

neuertitel10Und irgendwo ich (And Somewhere There’s Me)england

»You asked me which one is you in these pictures. Do you actually know that yourself?«
He only nods when I don’t answer, then he leaves, and a cool evening breeze follows him through the yard like a shadow of a memory.

Lizzy has to start a new life every few years when she moves to a new country with her mother and her younger sister. But when her family relocates to an old house in Germany, Lizzy feels that something is different this time. The house hides a secret.
And then there is Merlin whom she absolutely doesn’t want to fall in love with.

Fischer, Franziska:
Und irgendwo ich
YA 13+, ca. 280 pages

German eBook € 3,99 bei Amazon Kindle
German softcover  € 12,90

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