Es war einmal Aleppo – English Blurb

aleppoEs war einmal Aleppo (Once There Was Aleppo) england

It’s like a slap in the face. Antonia and her family come home from vacation, and suddenly there are hundreds of refugees living next door.
Of course, they have to live somewhere. But right here?
But the Toni meets Shirvan.
And with every skeptical question she asks, things become more complicated.

Benkau, Jennifer:
Es war einmal Aleppo
All Age 12+, 510 pages

German eBook € 3,99 CLICK.
German softcover
€ 14,90, ISBN 978-3958692770, CLICK.




What readers say:

“[…] a relevant all age novel about courage and standing up, about looking beyong the length of one’s nose. It shakes you up and wkes your sympathy: This novel has touched me and convinced me with its unagitated simplicity. Absolute must-read, not only for young people. (Hadassa Levy, Fragmentage)

” […] Jennifer Benkau put so much research and thought into this novel, it is mora than impressive. In case you#re looking for a sweet love story in front of a serious background, I need to disappoint you. I have cried more than one tear and gritted my teeth to suppress my grwoing anger. It’s rare that a book touches me so deeply. (Krisi Schoellkopf, Wurm sucht Buch)

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